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ABOUT Chelo Kebab RECIPE. This is the national dish of Iran. In this platter you will be having chicken seekh kebab, mutton kebab, butter rice, roasted tomato, onion & 1 egg poached. Today I’m going to make this on tawa. This dish contains 3 valuable steps: 1. Marinating 2. Cooking and 3. Assembling. Lamb Chelo Kebab - Persian Rice and Kebab dish The reason I chose the lamb chelo kebab is because we are doing a Middle Eastern/ Moroccan Menu for our Progressive Eats dinner this month and nothing makes me happier than a plate of Persian food. The best thing to eat from this plate of food is the rice. Glistening with melted butter, salted to perfection and cooked till all grains were separate. Chelo Kebab Recipe - Famous Iranian Kebab in India

Iranian Chelo Kebab : The rice is what everyone went crazy for in this dish. Chelo starts as a plain rice pilaf, but it’s very buttery and it’s made so that a crunchy golden crust forms on the bottom of the pot. Everyone wants a bite of the crust, but it’s traditional in Iran to offer the crust to your guest.

Chelo Kabob - Updated COVID-19 Hours & Services - 95 Jul 02, 2020 Chelo Kebab | BongCook: Bengali and Indian Recipes Chelow kebab is the national dish of Iran, which is generally served with saffron basmati rice and accompanied with a grilled tomato. In olden days putting a raw egg yolk on top of the rice was very common which is no longer in practice. So obviously Peter Cat’s claim is a bit dubious :) The simplicity of the Chelo Kebab is it’s main lure.

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