WhatsApp is a Petri Dish of Coronavirus Misinformation

May 16, 2017 WhatsApp in Opera’s desktop browser | Opera Tips on how to use WhatsApp in Opera Send messages in WhatsApp by typing in the white box at the bottom.. Attach a file in WhatsApp, like a picture or a video, by selecting the paper clip icon at the top.. Send voice messages or dictate text messages by clicking the microphone icon in WhatsApp.. Pin WhatsApp in Opera so that it doesn’t overlap your pages by clicking the Pin icon in the top How to See WhatsApp Status EVEN if You're Blocked? Just go with the above trick to see the WhatsApp status of that blocker. Tags. WhatsApp. Facebook; Twitter; Posted by Pranab Sen Pranab Sen is founder and author of Techniquehow.com. He is a full-time blogger, everything that gets published is from Pranab's hand. He is a 'technical geek' since 2011 to understand the problems of readers more What Happens When You Block Someone on WhatsApp Mar 14, 2019

May 05, 2020

How to Know if Someone Has Blocked You on WhatsApp: 8 Steps Dec 11, 2019

How to See WhatsApp Status EVEN if You're Blocked?

May 12, 2020