Four ways to delete unwanted apps from your Android phone. Clear out the junk and clutter of random apps on your Android phone or tablet with just a couple of taps.

Aug 14, 2015 · The simplest way to uninstall apps is from the Start screen. Press the Windows logo on your keyboard or tap the icon on the screen. At the Start screen, tap and hold the app's tile you want to Mar 14, 2016 · A confirmation message displays asking if you’re sure you want to delete the selected app. Tap “Delete App”. Note that the app is not deleted from your iPhone, only from your watch. The app is removed, but the app icons remain in editing mode. Jun 08, 2020 · So, here is the list of fake apps that you need to delete from your phone or tablet right away: Counterfeit WhatsApp versions While Google does a good job of removing fake apps from Google Play Store, the checks in place are still not as strict as the ones on Apple’s App Store. Jul 26, 2020 · Google removed these apps from the Play Store, now you should delete them from your phone Jul 06, 2020, 5:02 AM, by Georgi Zarkov Once again we implore you to delete this malicious Android app The smartphone, for all its life-changing magic, sucks. It sucks up your time, it sucks up your battery, and it sucks up your data. So we've compiled a list of the apps you should wipe from your Jul 30, 2019 · Before you delete any Windows 10 apps, remember that many Windows 10 apps work in conjunction with one another. If you remove one, you might affect the capabilities of another - one you depend on for your regular computing. Feb 04, 2019 · How to Uninstall Apps on an iPad or iPhone. There is no difference between deleting and uninstalling or removing apps from iPad. If you get rid of apps that you later decide you need, you can visit your Purchased list in the App Store to re-download any apps you’ve bought in the past with the same Apple ID.

Google removed these apps from the Play Store, now you

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7 Android apps you should delete from your phone right now