trusted: See: authentic , convincing , credible , dependable , fiduciary , intimate , undisputed Apr 05, 2020 · Trust: A trust is a fiduciary relationship in which one party, known as a trustor , gives another party, the trustee , the right to hold title to property or assets for the benefit of a third The dictionary by Merriam-Webster is America's most trusted online dictionary for English word definitions, meanings, and pronunciation. #wordsmatter Definition of trusted in the dictionary. Meaning of trusted. Information and translations of trusted in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web. Trustee. An individual or corporation named by an individual, who sets aside property to be used for the benefit of another person, to manage the property as provided by the terms of the document that created the arrangement.

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Trusted Platform Module (TPM, also known as ISO/IEC 11889) is an international standard for a secure cryptoprocessor, a dedicated microcontroller designed to secure hardware through integrated cryptographic keys. trusted PC: The trusted PC is an industry ideal of a PC with built-in security mechanisms that place minimal reliance on the user or administrator to keep a PC and its peripheral devices secure Trusted Internet Connections (TIC) is a mandate from the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) to reduce the number of Internet gateways on the federal government network and ensure that all external connections are routed through a government agency that has been designated as an approved TIC Access Provider. trusted third party: Established, reputed, and responsible fiduciary entity accepted by all parties to an agreement, deal, or transaction as a disinterested and impartial intermediary for settlement of payments and post-deal problems.

Equal to Adobe’s performance outlined in this year’s report is our commitment to transparency. In addition to delivering business growth and innovation over the past 35 years, being transparent is also required to be a trusted partner to our customers, investors, employees and communities. And today, trust is more important than ever.

trusted definition: 1. deserving of trust, or able to be depended on : 2. deserving of trust, or able to be depended…. Learn more. Trust | Definition of Trust by Merriam-Webster Trust definition is - assured reliance on the character, ability, strength, or truth of someone or something. How to use trust in a sentence. Trusted definition and meaning | Collins English Dictionary