Apr 13, 2018

The standard solution is to use use a VPN between two routers, and you adjust the routing so all LAN-to-LAN traffic crosses the VPN.. Domains/Workgroups are really not related at all. A more relevant bit of information would be what type of routers both sites have, and if they can create L2TP, PPTP, or some other encrypted tunnel, or if they are running a standard OS like Linux where you can How to connect two routers on the same network - TechSpot Jan 18, 2017 1 ip address, 2 networks, 2 routers | [H]ard|Forum May 14, 2013

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Hi, I have 1 router (Cisco 2921), 2 ISP Link & 2 networks(one is & another is I want to pass 2 networks by 2 different ISPs, like will be passed by ISP 1 & will be passed by ISP 2. I have 1 firewall attached with this router. How can i do this in 1 r How to combine 2 wireless routers on one home network